About Us

Formed in 2011, Sloppy Seconds, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal sanctuary located in Hayward, California. We provide a permanent home for unadoptable animals while promoting responsible pet ownership and compassion for all animals.

As a ‘last chance’ sanctuary with limited space, we only take in animals that absolutely have NO other options or place to go. This usually means we take in animals that are aggressive, injured, old, or about to be euthanized. If we cannot house an animal, we still do all we can to network with other rescues, shelters, and sanctuaries to get it the help it needs. 

We came up with our name “Sloppy Seconds” one day and it seemed perfectly appropriate for the sanctuary. We knew we would be rescuing pigs (which are associated with words like slop and sloppy) and that the animals we rescued would be second-hand, coming from homes that either neglected them or no longer wanted them. Hence, the animals here are “sloppy seconds!”