Bella came to Sloppy Seconds, Inc. in June, 2013. Her loving family had to relocate out of state due to a job transfer and, sadly, their new home isn’t zoned for pigs.


In 2010, a two-month-old Bella was purchased from a dishonest breeder in Texas as a “Micro Mini Juliani” pig. The breeder guaranteed Bella’s family that she would not weigh more than 40-60 pounds when full grown. Bella even came with a certificate from the “Tiny Pig Registry of America.” Less than three years later, she weighs 170 pounds.



Fortunately for Bella, her loving family kept her even after she passed the 60 pound mark. Often times, pot bellied pigs get surrendered or dumped at shelters when they’ve advanced from the “cute stage.”

There is a huge problem with unscrupulous pig breeders out there trying to make a quick buck. They’ll charge hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars for their “teacup,” “micro,” and/or “mini” pigs. They may even have the mother and father pig to show you, to “prove” how small they will stay. The trouble is, the mother and father pigs may be well under six months old! Pot bellied pigs don’t stop growing until they’re between 3-5 years old. A typical full-grown adult pot bellied pig will weigh anywhere between 100-250 pounds.

If you’re considering adopting a pot bellied pig, please DO YOUR RESEARCH! There are plenty of us out there willing to help you, and to answer any questions you might have. Please always adopt – do not buy from breeders. Pot bellied pigs can make wonderful pets – IF you have done your research about them, can deal with them growing to 100-200+ pounds, and can make a 15-20 year commitment to them.

Bella is now living with three boys, and loving every minute of it! Usually she prefers to sleep alone in the large pink barn, but lately she’s been inviting the boys inside at night to keep her company. Bella is a dainty eater (for a pig!), but will scarf down her favorites (potatoes, melon, and berries) in nothing flat! Bella is gentle and patient, and loves attention from both kids and adults. She’s quite vocal when you scratch the right spots! We love her perma-grin!

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