Bentley is a medium-sized adult male iguana who was picked up by Animal Control in San Francisco. He has severe Metabolic Bone Disease (*see our helpful links page if you’d like more information about this disease). An exotic animal rescue saved Bentley and allowed him to live at their facility for several years. It was there he met Rosie, another iguana with MBD. Unfortunately due to their conditions, they were deemed unadoptable. Both iguanas came to live with Sloppy Seconds, Inc. in May, 2016.

Bentley – the only male iguana housed at Sloppy Seconds – gets along well with all of the females! Palmela, our largest female, is his new BFF. You can see them hanging out together in a couple of the pictures below. Bentley loves roaming around the entire room, climbing up the cat trees, and eating strawberries. He’s a confident little guy with a big personality!


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