Foster kittens at Sloppy Seconds!

On September 10th at 10 pm, we received a message from Officer Escamilla in Fremont. She was dispatched to a call — day-old kittens abandoned by their mama! No shelters are open, and the emergency vets she called told her if she brought the kittens there that they would be euthanized (due to time/effort/staff constraints). We were her only hope!

Kelli hopped in the car and drove to the residential address in Fremont. There she was greeted by Officer Escamilla, along with the wonderful family who saved the tiny kittens. Apparently, their dog Lobo was the true hero who found them in the yard and started licking them! They waited several hours to see if mama cat would come back, but she never did. There was also a third kitten nearby who unfortunately didn’t make it. The family knew these babies were cold and hungry. They needed to act fast!

After Lobo and his family said their goodbyes, Kelli drove the kittens to Ohlone Emergency Vet to get food and bottles. The staff helped with the first feeding, but the little brown kitten was still too cold to eat.

Now they are home, and both kittens have full bellies. They are warm and cozy, sound asleep under a heating pad. We’ll try to rest now too. With feedings every two hours, it’s going to be a long night! Please wish us luck with these two precious babies.

9/11 AM Update: It is with great sorrow that we report one kitten did not make it through the night. 🙁 He passed about two and a half hours ago. At the vet hospital, we noticed the white and black kitten had blood in its urine. We don’t know if he suffered some type of trauma yesterday or what, but ultimately he couldn’t find any longer. RIP, sweet kitten. We’re so sorry we couldn’t help you more. His sibling seems to be doing okay, though of course we are extremely worried about her as well. Please send all of your positivity and good vibes our way.

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