In 2012, Nettie was found mangled in a field. She had a huge gash on her side, missing spines, and cuts and scratches all over her face and body. It was obvious that she had been attacked by something. She was taken in by a loving rescue, which provided her with months of care. Unfortunately, the frequent medical injections and wound scrubbings led Nettie to be untrusting and aggressive.

Unable to adopt her, the rescue turned her over to Sloppy Seconds in March, 2013. Nettie has settled in nicely and now trusts a couple of humans. She is a gorgeous little thing with an inquisitive nature and a huge appetite! She loves watermelon, carrots, and mango. We estimate her age to be a little under two years old. Her favorite thing to do is follow after Palmela – she’s quite the tag-along!

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