Enrichment Ideas

                Here’s a list of enrichment ideas for your pet pig. Please contact us if you have anything to add to our list! Pig enrichment: ice treats bury food under dirt rooting box food in old shoes rotating feeder browse mud pit music …

Eating Kind

Please click the icon above to check out the amazing website that helps us make responsible food choices! You’ll find out where to buy humanely-raised and sustainably-produced foods, and much more!    

Vet Visit

Dr. Harper from Groveway Veterinary Hospital in Castro Valley came out to take a look at the animals on September 13. Everyone got a clean bill of health!

Make Your Pet a Star!

Pet Food Express is partnering with animal rescue groups and shelters all over Northern California through their “My Mutt Program.” If you donate $250 or more to Sloppy Seconds, Inc., Pet Food Express will send a professional photographer to your home (or location of your choice) to do a photo …