Rosie is a large adult iguana who was found in a trash dumpster and turned over to Modesto animal control around 2010. She has severe Metabolic Bone Disease (*see our helpful links page if you’d like more information about this disease). An exotic animal rescue saved Rosie and allowed her to live at their facility for several years. It was there she met Bentley, another iguana with MBD. Unfortunately due to their conditions, they were deemed unadoptable. Both iguanas came to live with Sloppy Seconds, Inc. in May, 2016.

During her first couple of weeks with us, Rosie laid 26 eggs!!!!! She was quite weak and thin from the whole ordeal, so we had to give her extra calcium and vitamins and offered her Ensure and bananas to help boost her energy. Now Rosie is healthy as a horse, and eats more than the other three iguanas combined! She really enjoys sunbathing outside, eating watermelon, and drinking from the mister bottle. Welcome home, Rosie!


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