Meet the rescued animals at our sanctuary



We found out about Brewster three days before he was going to be euthanized, so we quickly agreed to adopt him. Brewster was born in June 2010, and he loves eating, sleeping, belly rubs, and grunting happily at new visitors.



We found out about Francis three days before he was going to be euthanized, so we quickly agreed to adopt him. Francis was born in September 2010. Francis seems to be the smartest pig in our bunch. He always picks up on the training fastest, and knows the ins and outs of every puzzle feeder. He loves oatmeal and yogurt, in addition to various fresh fruits and veggies.



Bella arrived in June 2013 when her family could no longer keep her. Bella is a dainty eater (for a pig!), but will scarf down her favorites (cereal, melon, and berries) in nothing flat. Bella is gentle and patient, and loves attention from both kids and adults. She’s quite vocal when you scratch the right spots! We love her perma-grin!



We rescued Wilbur in November of 2013. His former owner purchased him as a teacup piglet three years prior, but could no longer keep him. Wilbur had run out of options and was about to be homeless. He has integrated very well with the rest of the herd. Within 60 seconds of meeting the others, Wilbur became top pig! Weighing in at around 175 pounds, Wilbur is cool, confident, and does his best to take care of the other pigs. He loves rooting in the dirt (freshly manicured lawns are his favorite!), taking naps in the sun, and eating of course!



Palmela is a beautiful green iguana that was found up a tree in Sacramento in the summer of 2009. She was about a year and a half old at the time, and believed to be an escaped pet. Now she is happy to be in her forever home, and has gained quite a bit of weight! She loves climbing the cat trees in the house and taking baths. Her favorite foods are dark leafy greens, peaches, and edamame.



In 2012, Nettie was found mangled in a field. She was taken in by a loving rescue, which provided her with months of care. Unable to adopt her, the rescue turned her over to Sloppy Seconds in March, 2013. Nettie has settled in nicely and now trusts a couple of humans. She is a gorgeous little thing with an inquisitive nature and a huge appetite! She loves watermelon, carrots, and mango.



Bentley has Metabolic Bone Disease. Due to his condition, he was deemed unadoptable. The only male iguana housed at Sloppy Seconds, Bentley gets along well with all of the females! Bentley loves roaming around in the grass, following after his lovely lizard ladies, and eating strawberries. He’s a confident little guy with a big personality!



Rosie is a large adult iguana who was found in a trash dumpster and turned over to Modesto animal control in 2010. She has severe Metabolic Bone Disease which caused her to be deemed unadoptable. Now Rosie is healthy as a horse, and eats more than the other three iguanas combined! She really enjoys sunbathing outside, eating watermelon, and drinking from the mister bottle.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 1.00.48 PM.png


Blanche is an adult female that was kept in a fish tank on sand for 18+ years. They thought she was a "sand turtle” (aka Desert Tortoise). She is definitely an Ornate Box turtle with a severely deformed shell and beak, due to her former care. 

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Dorothy is an adult female that must never be near a male, as she came in with a partially prolapsed uterus that was surgically removed. She can still produce eggs (or at least her body may try) and with only a partial uterus it would cause her issues such as hemorrhaging, rupture, etc.