Need help? Below are our top articles on caring for your pet plus a list of all the rescues we work with in the area.




Mini Pig Info for more information about mini pigs. 

California Potbellied Pig Association is where you’ll find information about adopting pigs, health information, pig products to buy, etc.

North American Potbellied Pig Association is a wonderful site with lots of resources and educational information about diets, training, diseases, zoning info, etc.

Adopt a Pig California if you're looking to adopt a pig and you live in California. 



One of the best herp care links on the web. This site will give you plenty of information on amphibians and reptiles, including behavior, captivity issues, emergency preparedness, and toxic plants

More resources are coming soon!



Here’s a list of rescues, sanctuaries, and shelters in the Bay Area (and a little outside of).

If you know of someone who has found a stray animal or has a pet to surrender, please use this list as a resource. Good luck!